Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week Fourteen

My view from my 13 mile mark

Sept 14- 20th

Sun-- 5 mi
Mon--8 mi
Wed--5 mi
Fri-- 18 miles

total--36 miles

I felt amazing on my 18 mile run!! My time was 2 hr 46 min, the exact same as my 17 mile run last week. I am not sure if that meant my mileage was a bit off, or if I ran faster. I did feel like I was running faster, but it may have been a little of both.

Still no orthotics! They are taking much longer then I was led to believe. I am not sure how helpful they will be for this marathon. My foot felt fine for the long run, but was hurting after. Up to 20 miles next week!

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Suzanne said...

Is this the crest of the hill we climbed? It's so beautiful!