Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week Twelve

The trails I most like to run

August 31- September 6

Mon--5 mi
Tues-- 8 mi
Wed -- 25 min of hill training (2.5 mi)
Fri -- 16 mi

total--31.5 miles

I have had to change my training schedule slightly to do my long run on Fridays. Vincent has soccer every Sat at 9 am and I do not want to miss that. I thought about doing it on Sunday, but I don't want to be stressing about it all day on Sat, so Friday it is.

My 16 mile run went so much better than last week! I did my 8 mile run twice, that way I could refill my water bottles at home. As an aside, Pete was not waiting outside for me, so I was afraid he would worry that I didn't make it back. So I left my empty Luna Moons wrapper on the porch for him to find. Did he even notice it? No. He did worry and took off in the car looking for me. He went a different route though so never found me. God forbid I ever get kidnapped and try and leave him a clue! Anyway, I felt pretty good after my run, which I did in 2 hr and 36 min, 1 min faster than last week. At least I am consistent! No diarrhea ( I took imodium) and only minimal foot discomfort. Yay!! Next week, I am scheduled to do 17 miles.


Suzanne said...

I love the clue. Next time you'll have to leave it on the windshield.

Have a good run tomorrow.

Katie said...

I happened to stumble upon your blog, and noticed that you'll be running your first marathon on October 19. I will also be running my first marathon on October 19. I have a 12 month old baby, and after my tramatizing emergency c-section I decided I needed a new and interesting goal for myself. Good luck!

Michelle said...
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