Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week Eleven

August 25-31

Mon-- 4 mi
Wed-- 7 mi
Thurs-- 4 mi
Sat-- 16 mi!!

total-- 31 miles

Yay!! I survived the 16 mile run. Barely. It was really tough. My foot held up fairly well, which was good. I ran out of water at about mile 10 and was so thirsty. All I could think about was how thirsty I was. I finally came across a lawn with the sprinklers on, and filled up my water bottles. Next week I will go out and hide some extra water on my course. My time was 2 hr 37 min. I took imodium before my run and it worked.

"What's wrong with Mommy? She won't get up!"

On Monday I got my third and final cortisone shot. My podiatrist is concerned that my "cuboid bone is now slipping", whatever that means. What it means is that I now have to lay down the big bucks for some custom made orthotics. The problem stems from my flat feet which grew and got looser over the course of having 4 babies. Just one more thing I can blame on my kids, along with flat boobs, darker hair, and varicose veins on my girly bits! Thanks boys!!

Getting casted for my orthotics. Now my podiatrist thinks I am a total loon for taking a picture while getting casted.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week Ten

Aug 18- 24

Mon-- 4 mi
Wed-- 6 mi
Thurs-- 4.5 mi
Sat-- 14 miles

total--28.5 miles

The good news I felt MUCH better on the 14 mile run than I did at the NYC half marathon. I found something called Luna Sport Moons which I ate half way. So much better than the Gu or Sports gel which makes me want to vomit. My time was 2 hr 15 min. I really am disappointed at how slow I am.

Unfortunately after my run I had several hours of what my friend Suzie calls "side effects". I won't be vague. It is my blog therefore no such thing as too much information! I had horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea for several hours. What is up with that?!! I actually googled it and found all sorts of information on the so called "runner's trots". Remind me again why I'm doing this?!

On the foot front, I decided to put my SuperFeet orthotics back in my shoes. They were really bothering me (my Aunt Margie stated the sensation was like walking around with a tampon half hanging out. Yep, they are that irritating!), so I had called the podiatrist about some custom ones. I was told they ran about $500! Sooo, I am trying to make these things work. They left blisters on the arch of my good foot. Maybe my arches will toughen up. The plantar fasciitis is bothering me a little, but is tolerable. My podiatrist wants me to have one more cortisone shot, so I am scheduled to get that on Monday. Fun!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Week Nine

August 11-17

Tues -- 6 mi
Wed -- 5 mi
Fri -- 5 mi
Sun -- 12 mi

total-- 28 miles

Overall I am feeling good. My heel pain is better, but not gone. I can feel it while running, but it is tolerable and does not affect my gait. For the most part I do not feel it while walking, unless I am walking bare foot on hard floors. I am afraid that when the cortisone shot wears off in the next week it will get worse again. Time will tell.

My 12 mile run I did in 1 hr 53 minutes. I had to estimate the mileage based on time since the batteries on my garmin are low and it is not tracking the mileage right. I ran out for 60 minutes then turned around. That is a bit slow for me, but the last 20minutes was uphill so I figured my pace was much slower than usual. If anything I may have run a bit more than 12 miles. I felt good the rest of the day, not sick like after the NYC half marathon! My long run next week is supposed to be 14 miles. I hope I can do it!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Week Eight

August 4- 10

Mon-- 75 min on exercycle
Tues-- boot camp
Wed-- 20 min exercycle and 45 min spin class
Thurs--boot camp
Sun-- 11 miles!!!

total run- 11 miles

I started off the week with lots of cross training. My heel was a bit better, but I could still feel it while walking. If I felt it while walking, I was afraid to even consider running. On monday night I was doing a simple stretch and felt it pull again. I was in tears! The next morning it felt better, but not as good as it had felt. I went back to the podiatrist on Tuesday. He gave me another cortisone shot and said I might even need a third (and final) in a couple of weeks. Have I mentioned those things hurt?! By Saturday my heel felt great, but I was afraid to go out and run on it. Sunday it felt even better, so off I went. I felt great and strong while running! It felt so good to be out on the road again. I could feel the heel, but it was not bothersome and did not affect my running. In NYC I felt myself rolling on the outside of my foot while running. That was not the case at all this time. For some reason I did feel some pain in my right groin that started less then a mile into the run, similar to the pain I had before. Not sure what that was about. I completed the 11 miles in 1 hour 43 minutes. Not fast, but I did it!! I am crossing my fingers it continues to hold up and that my hip issue is not returning.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Week Seven

July 28- August 3

Wed-- 60 minutes on exercycle
Fri--- 45 min spin class
Sun-- 60 min on exercycle

After the half marathon, I was pretty sore all over. My foot did hurt more, but then quickly went back to the baseline pain I had prior to the run. Thankfully it does not seem like I messed it up more by running in NYC. I am hoping 2 weeks off will take care of the problem, then I can get back on my training schedule. I don't think I can afford to lose more then that. Riding the exercycle at the gym is incredibly boring. I am not sure how much of that I can take!!