Monday, August 18, 2008

Week Nine

August 11-17

Tues -- 6 mi
Wed -- 5 mi
Fri -- 5 mi
Sun -- 12 mi

total-- 28 miles

Overall I am feeling good. My heel pain is better, but not gone. I can feel it while running, but it is tolerable and does not affect my gait. For the most part I do not feel it while walking, unless I am walking bare foot on hard floors. I am afraid that when the cortisone shot wears off in the next week it will get worse again. Time will tell.

My 12 mile run I did in 1 hr 53 minutes. I had to estimate the mileage based on time since the batteries on my garmin are low and it is not tracking the mileage right. I ran out for 60 minutes then turned around. That is a bit slow for me, but the last 20minutes was uphill so I figured my pace was much slower than usual. If anything I may have run a bit more than 12 miles. I felt good the rest of the day, not sick like after the NYC half marathon! My long run next week is supposed to be 14 miles. I hope I can do it!!

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Suzanne said...

I'm rooting for you! I'm glad you felt good after this week's 12.