Monday, August 11, 2008

Week Eight

August 4- 10

Mon-- 75 min on exercycle
Tues-- boot camp
Wed-- 20 min exercycle and 45 min spin class
Thurs--boot camp
Sun-- 11 miles!!!

total run- 11 miles

I started off the week with lots of cross training. My heel was a bit better, but I could still feel it while walking. If I felt it while walking, I was afraid to even consider running. On monday night I was doing a simple stretch and felt it pull again. I was in tears! The next morning it felt better, but not as good as it had felt. I went back to the podiatrist on Tuesday. He gave me another cortisone shot and said I might even need a third (and final) in a couple of weeks. Have I mentioned those things hurt?! By Saturday my heel felt great, but I was afraid to go out and run on it. Sunday it felt even better, so off I went. I felt great and strong while running! It felt so good to be out on the road again. I could feel the heel, but it was not bothersome and did not affect my running. In NYC I felt myself rolling on the outside of my foot while running. That was not the case at all this time. For some reason I did feel some pain in my right groin that started less then a mile into the run, similar to the pain I had before. Not sure what that was about. I completed the 11 miles in 1 hour 43 minutes. Not fast, but I did it!! I am crossing my fingers it continues to hold up and that my hip issue is not returning.


Suzanne said...

You can't seem to win for trying. I wish you some pain free training!

Kathy said...

Way to go! I'm glad you were back on the pavement! I know that feels great!!! Take it easy and remember, all that finish are marathoners. You don't have to be quick, you just have to finish. :)