Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week Fifteen

I treated myself to a pedicure after my 20 mile run. I was so embarrassed at how bad my feet looked!

Sept 21- 27th

Mon-- 8 mi
Wed-- 5 mi
Fri -- 20 miles

total- 33 miles

I skipped my short run on Sunday. I didn't feel like I had recovered enough from my 18 mile run 2 days before. Interestingly, my foot feels, for the most part, OK during my run, but hurts after. It then takes most of the week to get better, just in time for the next long run.

I survived the 20 mile run!! That is the last long run on my schedule. I will start tapering after this. I was certainly tired after the run, much more tired than after the 18 mile run. I am sure that is to be expected. When I first started this training, I would look at the 20 mile run and wonder if I would ever be able to do it. I would also think that after running 20 miles, 26.2 wouldn't be much different. Now that I am on this side of 20, they seem completely different! I mean, an extra 6.2 miles is another hour of running! I wonder if I should have chosen a training schedule that had a longer run in it. Woulda, coulda, shoulda...

My orthotics (finally!) came in. They hurt. Alot. It feels like walking around with a big rock in my shoe. I can barely walk in them, I can't imagine ever being able to run in them! I am going back to the podiatrist today to get them adjusted. If there is anyone more ready for this marathon to be behind me then my husband, it would be my podiatrist. At least he is getting paid to listen to my constant complaints of pain. Poor Pete is getting nothing out of it!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week Fourteen

My view from my 13 mile mark

Sept 14- 20th

Sun-- 5 mi
Mon--8 mi
Wed--5 mi
Fri-- 18 miles

total--36 miles

I felt amazing on my 18 mile run!! My time was 2 hr 46 min, the exact same as my 17 mile run last week. I am not sure if that meant my mileage was a bit off, or if I ran faster. I did feel like I was running faster, but it may have been a little of both.

Still no orthotics! They are taking much longer then I was led to believe. I am not sure how helpful they will be for this marathon. My foot felt fine for the long run, but was hurting after. Up to 20 miles next week!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week Thirteen

Sept 7- 13th

Mon-- 8 mi
Tues-- 5 mi
Wed-- 5 mi
Fri-- 17 miles

total-- 35 miles

Whew! 17 miles! I really felt great. My time was 2 hr 46 min. I felt even better than last week when I ran 16 miles. My foot did not bother me at all on the run, the best it has ever been. I did have to stop at a porta potty , but no other issues.

Unfortunately my foot started hurting a bit the next day. I am approaching the 3 week mark since my last cortisone shot, so am concerned that it is wearing off. I just need to get through the next 2 weeks of training, then I back down on my mileage. If I can just get through that...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week Twelve

The trails I most like to run

August 31- September 6

Mon--5 mi
Tues-- 8 mi
Wed -- 25 min of hill training (2.5 mi)
Fri -- 16 mi

total--31.5 miles

I have had to change my training schedule slightly to do my long run on Fridays. Vincent has soccer every Sat at 9 am and I do not want to miss that. I thought about doing it on Sunday, but I don't want to be stressing about it all day on Sat, so Friday it is.

My 16 mile run went so much better than last week! I did my 8 mile run twice, that way I could refill my water bottles at home. As an aside, Pete was not waiting outside for me, so I was afraid he would worry that I didn't make it back. So I left my empty Luna Moons wrapper on the porch for him to find. Did he even notice it? No. He did worry and took off in the car looking for me. He went a different route though so never found me. God forbid I ever get kidnapped and try and leave him a clue! Anyway, I felt pretty good after my run, which I did in 2 hr and 36 min, 1 min faster than last week. At least I am consistent! No diarrhea ( I took imodium) and only minimal foot discomfort. Yay!! Next week, I am scheduled to do 17 miles.