Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week Five

July 14- July 20th

Mon- -4 mi
Wed--5 mi
Thurs--2 mi plus boot camp
Sat-- 3 miles---> my heel went out!

14 miles :-(

My plantar fasciitis had been pretty stable. On Friday I went to a push therapy session and it felt great after! Better then it had felt in weeks. I woke up Saturday still feeling really good, so decided to go for an 11 mile run in preparation for the NYC half marathon the following week. I had essentially no pain when I took off running. Then 3 miles into my run I felt a sudden sharp burning pain in my heel. I stopped and tried to stretch it out. I tried to run again and I could not. I called Pete and he had to come pick me up. I was unable to bear weight and had to use crutches the rest of the day. I iced it, took lots of motrin and started some prednisone.

On Monday I went first to a highly recommended sports medicine doctor. She told me I partially tore off my plantar fascia, no running for 3- 4 weeks, keep treating it the way I am. She also admitted that feet were not her specialty and that I may want to check in with a podiatrist. I left her office in tears. I then called the podiatrist. He said I did not tear it, it was just very inflamed. He gave me a cortisone shot (ouch!) and told me if it felt better, I could run the half marathon still. Sigh... What to do. It now feels 90% better and I am walking without a limp. Of course I want to believe the podiatrist. I will play it by ear. In the meantime I am icing, taking motrin and wearing a splint to bed at night.

Looks comfy huh? It sucks. I found a more comfortable that I am going to buy tomorrow and try out.


Andrea said...

Michelle, I am so sorry that you hurt your heal!!! How awful right before the 1/2 marathon! I will keep you in my prayers that it gets better soon!

cardiogirl said...

What a massive bummer, Michelle. I don't know how I would proceed. I'd want to run the marathon (even half) but I would worry about messing up my foot for life.

Suzanne said...

I had no idea that boot looked like that. Ew!

I am so torn about your plantar issue. (Definitely no pun intended!) I want to encourage you to do the half marathon but I am scared that you will injure yourself further. I hope the right decision for this weekend becomes really clear.

Steph said...

Michelle, I'll be thinking of you and hoping you'll recover quickly.

MotheringBoys said...

Ok, that totally sucks. Not just sucks in little letters, but SUCKS in big letters! That stupid boot looks painful too. Dang it, dang it, dang it!

Although, I will tell you that I am thinking that a 1/2 is no big deal. LMBO! Are you still planning on doing it, or taking it day by day??

I'm still at a weekly average of about 14 miles in prep for the 1/2 in Oct.

Did you see the Nike Human race 10K race where you are on Aug 31?? I am signing up for it as well.

Thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!!