Monday, October 13, 2008

Week Seventeen

Oct 5- 11

Mon--3 mi
Wed-- 5 mi
Thurs-- 3 mi
Fri-- 8 mi

total--19 miles

Friday was my last run of any significance. Next week I only have a couple of 3 mile runs until the race. Only running 3 miles feels very strange to me. I am barely in my running groove by that point, then to suddenly be done leaves me feeling a bit off kilter.

I was able to wear my orthotics on my 8 mile run without any problem. Looks like I will be using them for the race after all. I will have Pete hold onto my other inserts in case they start to cause me problems, I could switch them out. Check out my other blog here to hear about my last minute jitters.

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MotheringBoys said...

Ok, that picture of the guy who pooped himself totally grossed me out. That was HORRIBLE! They have portapots around for that situation. GAG! Someone should have gotten their hose out for him. I would totally DIE if that ever happened to me. That will NOT happen to you. Egads! Yesterday I did my last run. Two miles. TWO miles? It was over before I started. I couldn't believe it. Here it is......time to go!!!!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!!!!!!